24 HOUR UPDATE LINE 1-866-653-9959
Friday, April 18, 2014
For information on current industrial site activities in the region that you may be curious about, such as unusual:
  • loud noises or alarms
  • prolonged flares, smoke or fire
  • traffic levels coming to and from a plant
  • smells that are prolonged
Industrial activities may seem unusual, however in many cases they result from regular plant operations, maintenance, training and drills. Our members are committed to keeping you informed through the UPDATEline 1-866-653-9959. Members post messages about activity, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

What if the UPDATEline does not answer my question? If you see, hear or smell something not explained on the UPDATEline, call the appropriate plant site or Alberta Environment at 1-800-222-6514.

Automated Call-out system Northeast Region CAER members have access to an automated call-out system to inform residents about more serious incidents in their immediate area. You must provide your contact information to be added to our regional contact list. If a more serious incident happens in your immediate area, you will receive a phone call with details.

In emergency situations, safety information and instructions are communicated to residents through municipal and provincial notification systems such as the Alberta Emergency Alert. The call-out system is an additional method of communicating information to residents in the region.

To be notified of a serious incident in your immediate area, provide us with your contact information:
1. By phone at 780-424-0162 or
2. Online contact form
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